The project

With an interdisciplinary approach and an international dimension, the BAELO research project aims to conserve, archive, digitise and enhance the French archaeological documentation produced between 1917 and 2017 by researchers linked to the Casa de Velázquez (Madrid) at the ancient site of Baelo (Tarifa, Cádiz). The main idea is to bring together in a single digital database the documents that are currently scattered in different collections, in order to create a scientific database. The archival holdings at Casa de Velázquez and the Institut de Recherche sur l'Architecture Antique (IRAA - Pau branch) are made up of a wide variety of paper items: correspondence between archaeologists and administrations, documentary production in the field (excavation notebooks, graphic and photographic documents), inventories of furniture, formatting of results for publication and newspaper articles. The paper archives represent eight linear metres. The Casa de Velázquez collection has recently been enriched with the addition of "personal" archives, motivated by the celebration of the centenary of the first scientific excavations in 2017. The ultimate goal is the creation of a bilingual digital platform, supported by the TGIR Huma-Num, which combines with other Spanish archives to make the archaeological documentation of the site of Baelo accessible to researchers and the public.